Physics is the pure science subject that was called as a natural science in the past times and also somehow nowadays the philosophers call the physics as the natural science it is very important science and has a great scope in the science field but why philosopher calls physics as the natural science? What is the reason behind this? The reason behind is that the physics tells how this universe acts the day and transformation in to the night, the force and different types of forces, heat, and effects of heat, intensity of lights, light, sounds the different pitches of the sounds and intensity of lights with measurable parameters, matter and its transformation from one state into another state and deeply study the electronics, electricity, and types of currents and logical gates with great details.

Physics is the compulsory subject that the student of the science cannot change either they are a medical student or engineering student they can change the subjects like biology and computer science but cannot change the physics. Physics is the most important subject that has great scope in the science field and have great opportunities in the market for jobs with handsome pays because these student becomes not only the schools teachers, college lecturers, university professors but also the great scientist and researchers and do researches and evaluate the unexpected results and surprising hidden facts of nature that no one can find out.

Physics is the subject in which students of the physics has to study the variety of the topics and every topic has different background, history and research requirements that is why the students of the physics has to give the remarkable amount of the time for the study of the physics because the students of the physics has to study the not only theory but also have to do the numerical with perfect formulas and errorless calculations. In order to succeed in the physics course student must have to clarify the concepts and ideas but also memorize the formulas in order to solve the numerical perfectly and completely otherwise they cannot be successful in the physics course.

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