The life of the nurses are not easy it is too tough for the students of nursing to do the critical homework of the nursing because they all have to do the long hours job and in the time of emergency they have to do work day and night and during this they don't have enough time to do the homework of the nursing. The homework of the nursing is not easy to solve in order to solve the homework of the it is very important for the students of the nursing to have to strong knowledge about the medical science, biology and medications and the methods and skills of the nursing otherwise they don't have enough time to do the homework of the nursing that is why it is very stressful for the students of nursing to do the homework of the nursing. In order to fulfill all the requirements of the nursing course the student has to do the homework of the nursing and it is crucial part of the nursing course without doing this they cannot be successful in the nursing course in order to be a nursing certified specialist the students of the nursing must have to fulfill each and every requirement of the nursing course.

No any student in the world who want to do the homework of any subject either they are from any field either they have to do on-job training or not they don't want to the homework but when we are talking about nursing it is very tough for the students of the nursing to do the training on the job, doing practical tasks and studies and more horrible thing is time taking homework. It is painful fact that the students of nursing don't have enough time for sleep or for taking meals on time that makes the life of the nursing so hard. It is global fact that the world has very rare amount of the nurses because it is a very tough job and due to another major misconception that was in the past times that the nurses are only the females the nurse is the name of someone female personnel but it is not true that duty is also doing by males but the ration is very less amount that is approximately hardly less than ten percent out of hundred percent the remaining or rests ninety percent are female nurses but it is also noted that the amount of the males nurses has been increased but not at the satisfied level.

The demand of the male nurses has been increased with the passage of the time because only female nurses are not enough to do the care of every patient both male and female both normal and in emergency there are many male patients who are accidents sufferer cannot move properly without someone assistance and in this condition female nurses cannot take care the patients from each and every aspects that why the demand of the male nurses has strongly increased but it does not mean that the hospitals randomly select male and female nurses on the basis of reference or in the case of strong need but they select on the basis of the certification, specialization and most important thing training and practical experience and merit and that certifications are gained by the nursing courses.

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