Nursing is the very tough profession that has a very special position in the medical and health care department. Nurses play very important role in the recovery of the patients because nurses are those individuals who actually do the physical care of the patients it does not means that doctors do nothing but the doctors are those individuals who can do checkup of the patients or prescribe the medicines to the patients but they cannot do care of the patients from day to night all time because they have to do the checkups of the not only the regular patients but also the admitted patients and the most important patients the emergency patients or the patients who are in intense care unit that is why they don't have enough time to care for each patient for long hours then who are the individuals who are playing important role in the recovery of the patients?

The answers are nurse yes nurses are those individuals who are actually taking care the patients for long hours that doctors cannot do. For the successful recovery of the patients, nurses must have knowledge not only regarding health sciences but also psychological and health sciences and social science and also have somehow human right and legal rights of the nurses. Nursing courses are not very easy to complete because the practice nurses have to do practice for long hours in hospitals with doctors and patients. Nursing is the profession that is accepted as the toughest profession of the world in which nurses has to suffer the extra fatigue as compared to the other medical staff sometimes the extra duty hours make their lives stressful and they feel so exertion but they never step back regarding their obligations and always doing their duties with full dedication.

It is global problem is that the nurses are too less in amount as compare to the demand and that is why the existing and on duty nurses have to suffer and has to do the extra duty hours that make them stressful. Many people think that nurses are not well educated but that is not right because hospitals don't hire the nurses without certifications and these certification nurses get by the nursing courses in which they have to do the extra practices in the hospitals in which they have to do extra working and during all these things they don't have enough time to take classes of the nursing and the students of the nursing feel so stressed.

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