The homework of the marketing is not easy to manage it compulsory for the students of marketing have to complete their homework of marketing in three ways the first one is very important way the question asked or given in the homework of the marketing must be correctly answered and exactly explain the answer what is asking not the irrelevant because when the students of marketing gives the irrelevant answer to the questions asked in the homework than their homework will be accepted as wrong or get the lower marks in the homework, the second way that very mandatory that the questions that are mentioned in the homework of marketing or asked in the homework of the marketing and must be answered completely, students of the marketing are obliged to complete each and every requirement of the question and also must answer each and every question asked in the homework of the marketing and the third most important thing is that the students of the marketing must submit their homework of the marketing within given time and must meet the deadline because if they submit late their homework of the marketing will not be accepted by their professors of marketing either the homework of marketing is correctly completed or not the homework will not be accepted.

The homework of the marketing is based on the not only the theoretical work but also research work in order to answer the critical questions given in the homework of the marketing. The students of the marketing must have to do the homework of the marketing otherwise their marks will be deducted that ultimately effects on the mark sheets. Many students of the marketing either they are computer science students, information technology students or the students of the business administration or management don't like to do the homework of the marketing because the homework of the marketing is given on daily basis by the professors of the marketing with conceptual questions and long and strict restrictions of must be completed correctly and time is not easy task for the students of the students of the marketing.

Students of the marketing cannot skip their homework at any cost because now a days the education system in each country all around the world make it compulsory to do homework of each subject and also allocate the specific amount of the marks to the homework of each subject that will be counted in both final and midterm results so it is not just the practice or we can say the rough practice to do the homework the homework has special position in the marks winning history of the students so the students have to do the homework at any cost.

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