Management is the very important subject that the is almost studies in every discipline due to its scope and importance there are many courses for the management is also be introduced on the state level, national level, and international level. The test of the management is not easy for the students other than business administration but they have to take the management test at any cost otherwise they would be accepted as fail but they have to complete it because Management is the thing that is everywhere it is true that it is a well-known pure business administration subject but due to its increasing great importance it is studied in many disciplines all around the world and it is surprising fact that it is added in the courses of the professional degrees like computer science and information technology no one can believe before twenty years that the management will studies as an important subject in the professional degree course but now a days management is studies as the vital subject in professional degree courses of the not only business administration but also the other fields like computer science, information technology and multiple other fields as a unavoidable subject not the as an elective subject that student can change this is the compulsory subject for every field in which this subject is studies now all around the world.

The students of the business administration really likes this subject because it is not only subject for them it the base of their filed it the backbone of the business administration field because the student either select the marketing, accounting, finance, human resource management or supply chain management for the specialization the initiation of the every student will be from the fundamentals of management where in which they teach each and every concept of the management systems and functions to learn thoroughly but this is totally inverse scenario for the students of the field other than computer science and information technology this is very difficult for them to study the management as a subject but unfortunately they cannot change it because it is not the optional subject.

It is globally accepted that the management is the subject that is never the center of the interest of the students other than business administration because they don't have management sciences background so this subject proved as the major challenge for them because they not only study the management course without any objection to their college or university administration but they know how to tackle this problem they are after all computer science and information technology students they can take virtual help from online helpers and also take help from the test takers yes they can help from online test takers, it is possible to take online help from the professional test takers who can take their management test for them they can also pay someone to take their management test for them.

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