Human Resource Management is the pure Business Administration subject that is studied by every student of the business administration either the specialization of the students is finance or the marketing must have to study the human resource management. Human resource management is the very important subject that is not only studies by the students of the business administration but also the students of the commerce and in some cases, it is also studied by the students of the computer science in sometime in some universities. Human resource management is the subject that provides the complete knowledge of management of the human resource because humans are also resources and important assets of the company and in order to make the company successful the recruiters have to recruited and hired the correct personnel and exactly according to work required because when the companies fails to select the correct the employees then they will face two types of the losses the first one is the money and second the most important and unrecoverable loss is time because time is also an asset for the companies because when they employee wrongly completed the task then the product that the company want to produce in the specific period of time produced wrongly in this the cost incurred on making the product wasted but also the time wasted and third most important loss that the companies have to bear is the customer yes customer will dissatisfied when the product is not delivered on the given time and the students have to do the jobs in these companies in future then they must have some knowledge how they have to be recruited and selected in their desired companies? And how they have to work in these companies?

The students of business administration are very in their practical work they have to complete many tasks that is why they have less amount of time to do the multiple tasks and in this condition they are worried about their classes and search for solutions they can take online help from online helpers yes they can hire someone to take the human resources management classes for them because they cannot afford to miss their classes of the human resource management because the colleges and universities give the specific importance to the subject of the human resource management the reason behind this particular importance is that the Human resource management is the department which has same importance just like finance, accounts and marketing and management department in the companies. Where there are finance department, accounts department, marketing department, and management then there is also the human resource department is actively present in the companies which is working just like other departments because the human resource department is the only one and the most unique department that actually providing the correct, fantastic and outstanding employees who have not qualification but also having the great and golden experience who are then become the key to the successful and long life of the companies either the company is local, national or international whatsoever human resource management has a crucial part of the body of companies that is why the human resource department is created in the companies.

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