History is the academic subject that describes us about the past and pre-past times it describes the complete information about the past times and also give us the complete information about the most popular and some specific personalities. History is the subject which provides us the complete biography of the all the leaders and the kings with their complete history and their eras. History is the subject which is not the optional subject till the school level because the academic professionals who prepare the course syllabus of the students believed that it is very important for the students of the school level to have at least some amount of knowledge about the history they have some know-how about some past kings and their eras with somehow deeds that is why the academic professionals added the history as the compulsory subject.

It is really important for the students of the history to study history properly and thoroughly but as we know that in early ages the students have to cover the tons of syllabus but due to the position of the history in the course syllabus it is compulsory for the students to study the history in order to get the higher marks in order to avoid the bad marks on their progress report and make it compulsory that must study the history as thoroughly as possible or how much they can it is obligatory for the students of the history that must properly study the history.

History is the subject that is also studied in the advanced level classes but as the level of study advanced than the course outline also increased and in this way the level of difficulty also increased. History is not the very interesting subject because the history is accepted as the boring and dry subject that is mostly students don't like to study but according to the rule of study the students must have to study the history. In the subject of history the students have to study the history thoroughly and for that reason that students require time for the extra study because the professors of the history give the tremendous amount of data for the reading in order to properly understand the next topics completely but for that reason students requires the time and that time is the students of the history have not. Students are already don't like history then how they can like to attend the classes of history? Yes, it is true students also don't like to attend the classes of the history also.

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