When we are talking about the exams of the geometry than it is globally accepted that there are a lot of students that lose their precious due to the geometry because in the geometry if the question attempt by the students is perfectly correct then they get the higher marks mean to say full marks but if the question is wrongly attempt then these full marks will turned in to zero marks. There are the tremendous amount of students that fail every year due to low marks or poor marks in the geometry. The geometry is the subject that is full of shapes, angles and their transformation that leads to the confusion created in the mind of the students of the geometry because they have studied the thousands of shapes, angles the line and points that will create many complications for the students of the geometry. There are many students of geometry who love to do the problems of the geometry but they also get the poor marks what is the problem behind this? The problem behind the poor marks of the most interested student of the geometry is that when they get informed from the exam dates then they are scared about this and due to fear they cannot attempt the test of the geometry and in this way they got the lower marks and that is most demotivating and discouraging thing for the students of geometry.

It is fact that the students who are the most passionate students of the engineering and the computer science and the students of the information technology strongly like to do programming, coding and the web development and a lot of other practical tasks but don’t like to theoretical tasks but it is also the fact students of the geometry are not only students of the geometry they also the students of the computer science, engineering and information technology and they have too many other tasks with the geometry and they have to complete the tasks connected to their professional degree courses and these tasks are firmly associated to the professional degree courses in order to be a successful specialist in the informational technology and computer science specialists and most important is the most successful and well-known engineer but the geometry course make the hurdles in the way of the successful professional life.

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