Geometry is the is pure mathematical subject in which the shapes and points, lines, characteristics of shapes and their changes and making some others shapes with their numerical representation of the shapes and also discuss the properties of figures. Geometry is a very interesting subject who likes the geometry but the problem is that every student don't like the geometry is the subject in which many shapes and angels a concepts are mixes up in their minds in this way their concepts are mix-up in their minds and in this there are a lot of other problems and misconception are created in the minds of the students of the geometry but the problem is that the students of the geography has to study geography because it is a compulsory subject from grass root level to o level but after that this subject is optional and specialization subject but the problem is that students who love to study the engineering and computer science must also have to study geometry also either they like geometry or not they have to study the geometry because it is the crucial part of their course and in order to pass the course successfully with desirable grades they have to complete the each and every thing connected to the geometry otherwise they have to face the ugly failure that is acceptable either they are the students of the computer science, engineering, and the pure mathematics students because they are doing their professional degrees and in the case of any failure they will be lost the top position in the result sheet that is not acceptable for any student.

It is globally accepted that the maximum amount of the students don't like the geometry subject because it tricky and difficult and most important time consuming subject for those students and the students who don't like the subject the geometry considered that they are wasting their precious time the idol shapes and angles which have no benefits in their professional life so it is just wasting time do the geometry if they are computer science then have to complete many practical and most important tasks like programming, coding and web development and these all tasks are very important and life-blood of their professional degree and also for their professional life also just like the accounting and finance is very important for the students of the business administration but the problem is that geometry is the compulsory subject that they have to study either they like to study geometry or not they have to fulfill each and every requirement of the subject.

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