The test of the geography is really difficult because it is not only theoretical subject but also the analytical and research-based subject because the graphs and maps or not only the name of copy-pasted things it is researched based thing because the test is taken by students of geography have approximately all the question having conceptual and analytical and critical based that is not very easy for task even the most students have great interest in the geography cannot prepare the test properly because they have very less amount of time to prepare the test of the geography because of the tons of analytical and research-based activities and that is very difficult for them to prepare the extensive syllabus of the geography it is very tricky in the nature and effort demanding task to prepare the test of the geography because it very hard to memorize a lot of theories, histories with tons of dates with geographical experts names and their times of working and their deeds also. It is really horrifying for the students of the geography to listen to the test dates of the geography because they every time have to do some activities due to the lot of research work.

From the last ten years, the strength of the students has remarkably increased what is the genuine reason for this great change? The great and root cause of the increase in the quantity is that the increase in the scope of the studies of the geography and increase in the awareness of the geography importance of every field all around the world. The students have remarkably increased due to its importance and not only due to increase in the scope of the geography but also due to the fact that there are thousands of opportunities that welcome every time the students of geography.

There are a lot of the job opportunities also welcome the students of the geography that is the great reason that makes the remarkable change in the strength of the students of the geography. Now a days there is lot of students who are interested in the geography subject the main reason is that there is great scope of the geography subject but also the due to another great reason and that is that there is less intensity of competition in the geography field because there are many geography graduates but the some of them are experts.

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