Economics is subject which studies as the major subject in the computer science business and other disciplines. Economics is a very important subject how to distribute scarce resources among the society it is about production consumption and distribution of income and goods and different products. According to economics the desires of the humans are unlimited and the resources are limited so in order to distribute the resources that are scarce among the different humans of the society is a different science so that study for the major subject in the different disciplines. Adam Smith is the father of Economics who gave the Dept. of Economics first time in 17 century and that time there was no anyone who can describe economics.

Economics is the subject which is considered as the major subject of commerce and business but not considered as the major subject in computer science is a not simple subject as anyone can think. In the economics period study from the production of the goods to the consumption and distribution of the goods. Economics is a subject in which we discuss inflation and in the economics different types of markets are also discuss like monopoly an oligopoly and many other types of markets also. Economics is a major subject that was studied in the commerce in the past times but with the passage of time after recognition of the of the economics the economics subject in the different other disciplines like business administration and computer science also.

Economics is not a very subjects like other subjects of the business administration and the computer science it is accepted as is the boring subject which lecture is very bored as a subject the students of economics has to take the lectures of economics in state the concept of economics is the old subject 200 years old subject history and tremendous amount of the concepts theories of the different economists. The outline of Economics is not very short it has a great history that students of the economics have to study thoroughly in order to understand the concepts of the economics. The course outline of the economics does not depend upon only on the theory also include the graphical representations and tables also which are very boring and frustrating. It is globally accepted that many students don't like economics as a subject want to skip the classes economics also because they don't like economics and study economics every day the just the single hour of economics is not easy for the students of economics.

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