When we are talking about the criminal justice course and cases then it is exciting for the students of the law to study and handle the more and more complicated cases regarding criminals. Criminal justice is very important subject and must have to study and must be included in the courses of the each certificate of the law it is very feasible for the law persons to maintain the law and justice in the country but also important in order to demotivate the injustice in the country and motivate the law persons to identify the actual criminal on time and make it sure that no any innocent is arrested and punished either in major case and minor case because it is globally accepted that the root or major cause of the rapid increase in the crime rate is the only one that is punishing the innocents and these innocent when punished without any reason ultimately becomes criminals and major criminals who also makes the major Ganges and motivate the other persons to commit crimes and accepted the crime is the only one or single or ultimate way to achieve anything in their life and if we think critically and technically that is they are doing with intentions or with full fledged planning all these acts? Of course not they are doing this with planning because when they are punished without any crime then it is the part of their psychology that there is only one way to get anything is that crime. And the result is that they commit mistakes and many other innocents become victims and then again crime promoted.

It is globally accepted that many countries who are accepted the criminal justice as compulsory subject and added this subject in the course resulted a more improved social conditions and more improved the justice in the society of not only state level but also on national but then what is the major reason what is the magic of the magical subject that we called above the criminal justice which magic may become the major reason the pleasure and desirable change and promote the justice in the society? Yes this is the magic that creates the dramatic change in the social condition and also justice condition of the society because when the law persons identify, arrest and punished the criminals then crime rate decrease gradually and become very low in rate because no innocent become the victim of another innocent victim now you have question that innocent and victim of another innocent how it can be possible because when the innocent punished become criminal and commit and ultimately become the other innocents become criminals. But in order to understand all of these technical things the law persons have to thoroughly understand the criminal justice and in order to understand the criminal justice the students have to study criminal justice and in order to study the criminal justice students of law requires time but the exam dates don't care about how much students absorb the criminal justice knowledge and students have to take the test or exams and when the time short then what to do?

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