Criminal justice subject is the in which we study about how to provide justice who committed the crimes and correctly identify the actual criminal and impose the punishment on them but it is very lengthy process to investigate the crime place and the identify the genuine criminal that is why the criminal justice included in the law course and study courses of every person who is directly or indirectly connected to the field of crime investigation and arresting of the criminals and inflict the punishment to the criminals. It is now added in law study courses in every law disciplines but it does not mean that criminal justice is the subject which is recently discovered and added in the law courses but it was first accepted as the essential law subject in the earliest 19th century in the universities and law colleges of the United States America and then gradually added as a subject in the law studies in different countries all over the world.

Criminal justice is the subject which is mistakenly considering similar to the criminology which is also a law subject and also added as the compulsory subject and also study about the crimes but the criminology has different features have different outline and different topics like in criminology we have to study the behaviors of crimes and causes of crimes also the all the social factors which are main or major responsibilities of the crime creation, expanding of crime and the evolution of the crime. But that is not the topics that are discussed in the criminal justice in the subject like criminal justice the causes of crimes are not discussed nor discuss the social factors but discuss how to provide justice to the criminals and investigate or find out the actual guilty or actual criminal and inflict the punishment to the actual criminal.

As we know that criminal justice is the pure law subject and studied by the judges, lawyers, attorneys, and police. It is noted that the law is not the very easy field because the law courses are not so easy it is not only accepted as toughest subject not only as theoretical courses but also practical subject because these courses of law is not only the theoretical courses but also practical courses but there is a lot of time required to fulfill the requirements of the law subjects like solving not only the supposed cases but also study the laws and books of old and latest laws. The students of law have to complete many practical and complicated tasks within a specific period of time.

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