It is globally accepted that the knowledge of computer science is very important for the each and every student of the world in order to succeed in this fast-growing digital life to get the sufficient amount of the knowledge of computer science it is necessary for the students in order to fulfill the requirements of jobs and in order to be a competent for the specific designation but when we are talking about genuine computer science students who have many tasks to do like doing coding, study the theories and programming and it is not easy to do successful programming and coding without any errors which requires many hours to make the one or single and accepted programming project from the professors because sometimes each and everything is correct according to rules and regulations and according to students but we know the professors has its own way of checking the projects and when they say that now do some more amendments and make to more improved and give this program another look and these small can create many errors that have to remove but in this way a lot of time is consumed. There are the lot of other things that the students of computer science have to complete one of the most popular and remarkable tasks is website development and website development also takes time and this is also effort demanding task. Computer science students have to manage the other most complicated subjects like statistics, mathematics, calculus and the long list of other subjects.

It is clearly noted that the test or exam outline of the computer science subject is not very easy and short that is very difficult for the students of the computer science to prepare the difficult exam or test of the computer science it is also cannot ignored that the students of computer science has to complete many other tasks also that are thousands of times time to consume and very vital for the students of the computer science Is to must to complete these tasks on the given time and must meet the deadline and these tasks are the programming, coding and web development and these tasks are not very short time oriented tasks and these tasks are those that cannot be ignored or skipped at any cost but the exams are also very necessary but the question is that when to prepare the exam? By not doing or leaving the programming, coding and web development? Of course not they cannot ignore their programming and coding and web development.

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