We are living digital life now it does not matter that we are belonging to the business field or computer science or information technology field we can never live without using computers. There is no any field in the world there is no department in the world either government sectors, private sectors, national or international offices everywhere computers are involved. We cannot survive in the fast-moving digital world without having strong knowledge regarding computer science. when we are talking about the graduates which have different professional degree when they completed their education and final degrees and finding jobs and when they noted out that approximately every second job either form any department or from any sector government sector have multiple requirements with the requirements of having computer science professional degree or other professional degrees with must have computer science diplomas or certificates with at least six month or one year duration but why companies make it compulsory the requirements of the of jobs in any designation?

Because these days there are a tremendous amount of companies all around the world have left the manual system of accounts and management system and leave all the problems created due to manual system like too much documentation work and making the sheets on daily, weekly and monthly basis and then making the consolidated statement of accounts at the end of year and then again reviewing and comparing all the statements created all over the year consuming much time and the most important problem is that is more dangerous problem is that errors that are not in little amount of errors these are very and remarkable amount of errors and it is not faulting of the workers the manual system is very complicated system that is why companies make it compulsory the knowledge of computer science so that is why the knowledge of computer science is very demanding in these days and have great scope in the education field also.

As we know that knowledge of computer science is very important for every student and job seekers in order to win the desired designation in the desired field that is why the quantity of the computer science students has increased day by day. But the subject of computer science is not very easy for the unrelated field or students of another field because computer science has its own different programming languages like Html, CSS, and C++, C #, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, SQL, swift and longest list of another languages and have much time in order to learn them so it is very necessary for the students to take the classes for computer science but the students have very less amount of time in order to manage time for study.

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