Communication is the subject which has a great scope in every field but it is necessarily studied in commerce, business studies, and journalism. Communication is a very important subject in which we studied how to communicate with others because there is no any task in the world no any deal or project can be completed without communication. There are many field masters having great knowledge and experience having everything fails but cannot find out the genuine problem and this problem is not the great and major problem but important problem and that problem is a bad communication and don't know what are communication barriers and how to remove them they only take it as business life cycle problem or the market recession that is definitely not always right. The great business people don't know how to communicate with others because they don't know what communication actually is and how much it is important for the success of our business.

Communication is the two processors in which it is important to speak only you also have to listen properly because if you don't listen properly then you never find what the problem actually is? This is also the same problem in media persons who are actually working is the transmission of information but if they only deliver the information but cannot receive the information that the communication process cannot be completed because the communication is a two-way process. It does not means that communication is only important for the media and business persons that is why the communication now studies as the subject, in fact, the compulsory subject for every discipline because if the person either a media person, business person or having relation to any field cannot be successful if this person don't know the rules and importance of communication.

Communication now studies as a subject in every discipline but the problem is that it is not completely accepted as subject as studies and just like this they don't want to do anything connected and related with this communication subject. Many students especially have background other than business and media and also technology field never ready to accept this communication as subject and so that they don't take any interest in this subject because students don't take communication as subject and also don't know the importance to the communication but now they have to study this subject as compulsory subject and have to take the communication classes and as discussed above the students don't accept this communication as subject and now students have to study but students don't prefer this subject on the top of priority list.

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