It is noted that many chemistry students want to study the chemical reactions and want to do experiments but never want to do the lengthy and tricky homework which is very time-consuming because we know that chemistry students have everything except time because they have to spend a lot of time in the lab and research work but now a days the homework is also very important to complete in which the time of chemistry students will spend at a large extent there are many students of chemistry who love to study chemistry but never want to do the homework but in these day colleges and universities make it compulsory that the students must make sure that their homework must be submitted on time and must meet the deadline but there is no fault of the students that they don't like the lengthy homework because they have to prepare the horrifying exam and must to give the time to the lab and experiments also but when they will complete the lengthy assignments? It is noted that it is much difficult to do the homework of practical subjects like the chemistry and it can never be neglected that the students value the even the point five mark because the marks are very important for the students because the one or two marks difference can change the toppers position from one to two. It can never be ignored that the sessional marks are totally depended upon the successful submission of homework on time and must meet the deadline.

It is very important for the chemistry students to submit the assignment on the time that is given by their professors but it is very difficult for the chemistry students to manage the time for each and every activity. As we know that lab time is the longest time and when doing studies the students of chemistry feels tired and then they takes rest for some time but they have to study for the longest theories and evaluate their results. But when to do the homework? When students of chemistry don't submit the homework on time then their chemistry professors will deduct their marks with the bad remarks which ultimately effect on their results and grades. According to recent research up to seventy percent students in the chemistry class feels the homework as burden and with the passage of time the competition has increased and every college and university want to be ranked higher in top universities list for this universities and colleges has increased the courses and the outline and topics and stricken the criteria of studies that make them and increase the difficulty level for students more and more. In this toughest competition students are the single role that bears all the completion burden.

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