It is possible that you may miss or bunk the classes of calculus like according to life of the students that we called as or usually known as student and we know that the student life is fun life because the students are not mature enough to understand the complexities and importance of life and facts of students not knows that life is not easy when they are living the life of student they never take care of anything either it is good for them or bad for them they have to spend time with their friends and families and also for the fun time but it is not necessary that every student lives the luxury life there are tremendous amount of students who live the life of responsibilities they have also fulfill their own regular life needs, study needs and also have to support their families by doing part time job they are very worried about financial needs then they strive to find more work in order to improve their financial condition but in this time they also have to study different subjects both easy and difficult but how they can study the most difficult and critical subject they know that if they don't study properly they will fail and have to repeat the course again but from where to arrange the fee in order to repeat the course of calculus if they fail?

According to statistics of latest research it is noted that the maximum calculus student retake the calculus course exams and large number of students are appeared in the supplementary exams. Many calculus student dislike calculus subject because calculus is critical and complex and difficult subject. Many students exhaust and frustrated from this and get tired very quickly from this subject but it is also cannot be ignored that we cannot skip this subject because it is vital subject that cannot be ignored and neglected at any cost because if students ignore or neglect this subject than they can never be accepted as successful in the exam and will be disqualified in this subject in the semester and will drop. The most painful thing is failure because if student fails in the calculus subject then it will be loss of two things for them the first one is cost yes cost students have to resubmit the fee when repeating the calculus course but cost is the thing that can be recovered but the other most important thing is that cannot be recovered and that is thing time. Time is the most valuable thing an asset for the students because students have to complete their degrees in the specific time period.

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