Calculus is the mathematical subject which is studies by not only mathematics students but also be studied by the computer science and Information technology students but also engineering students and also studies in multiple fields it is accepted as calculus is the most important subject of mathematics either it is integral calculus but also differential calculus. Calculus usually deals with the derivatives and integration of functions. Calculus also deals with the graphical representation of values with exact points on graphs. Calculus is the most critical mathematical subject and it is known as the vital subject of studies of computer science, studies of mathematics specialization and studies of information technology and the most famous studies are studies of engineering.

It is a very critical subject that is favorite of some and very rare students but as we know that the most famous rule is majority is authority and majority of students hate calculus and don't want to accept this subject because it is very difficult subject many students are really struggling student and really strive for the complete understanding of calculus and study day and night and really want to become the calculus specialist but unfortunately everything become flopped just like the proverb as we know from our childhood he try again and again but all in vain. There are a tremendous amount of students who really work hard for the so-called calculus subject but unfortunately, all efforts waste and they never get the desired results or we can say that grades that they want to achieve and get the very bad grades and most students fail.

It is noted that calculus if the subject due to which maximum students demotivate and never want to study again because calculus is very difficult subject that cannot be easily understood by each and every student in the class many student want to bunk the classes of this subject because according to students when they take classes of calculus they feel bored, frustrated and exhausted and never want to take the other classes of different subject which ultimately effect worse on their studies and results because it is very difficult subject each numerical question in the calculus requires multiple derivations of values and formulas and it is noted that many calculus students never understand the even the fundamental chapters and exercises of calculus and we know that if the students are not able to understand the advanced chapters of the calculus.

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