Biology is not the subject that has just simple and has limited number of concepts and theories that can be cleared out within half an hour or three to four hours it is ancient subject in which biology and medical students have to prepare a lot of ideas and theories with thousands of concepts for exam preparation so is it easy? Of course not it is not easy to cover all of those ideas in a very short time so it is very difficult to cover all of those ideas and theories. But it cannot be neglected that the biology is not the optional or elective subject for the medical student so it is not possible for the medical students to neglect the main subject that we called biology subject it is the foundation of medical science and other sciences because it is the natural science. in biology students don't just have to cover all the ideas of biology but also do lot of other things and everything is time taking and time-consuming we can say that time taking and these all the tasks include lab experiments indoor experiments, outdoor experiments, regular assignments, research work and reading the research paper and these all the tasks the students have to complete within the specified time frame.

It is noted that the biology students feel scared when they got informed that they have to give exams also and due to shortage of time they feel anxiety and hypertension when they think that they also give exams and have to prepare within night with practical also so it increases the more fear among the medical students so it is very horrifying for the medical students the things like exams and they start thinking that when to prepare how to prepare and how much to prepare there are a lot of questions that must have to answer but what is about the exam? The one more thing that students also feel scared about is the most alarming thing and that is results yes it is very important for biology students to maintain the percentage otherwise it will affect the overall grades and in the case of failing the exams the one more thing that adds into the tension of students. But what is the solution how to get the higher grades? As we know that it is very difficult for every student of biology to maintain the percentage and according to psychologists every student in the class has not the same caliper so every student is not able to absorb more and more knowledge and sometimes some students are very intelligent but don't like theory they like practical work then who will pass the exam? Don't worry there are many solutions to this problem the most authentic solution is virtual assistance if you want the following things:

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