Anatomy is the medical subject that is the branch of biology and natural sciences that thoroughly studies the body structure of human beings, animals and other living organisms by separation and dissection. Anatomy studies the structural organization of a living organism so according to its introduction, we can clearly understand that anatomy is a very important subject of medical science. Anatomy is the foundation of medical science the medical studies cannot be started without studying anatomy. Anatomy is the study that usually backbone or lifeblood of medical science or medical field as we know that anatomy is very important subject the medical studies cannot be go through to advance level without clear concepts of anatomy because in the medical science we study about the living organisms and all living organism either they are human or animals have some specific body structure and this structure can only be understood by the anatomy so that anatomy is considered as the foundation of medical field or medical science.

Anatomy is the very old subject having its foundations in old times even from the evolution of life and living organism or animals. So it is a historic subject having its roots in ancient times. As anatomy is the historic subject then it is clear that it has extensive theory and lot of experiments and discoveries by different biologists and there are a lot of studies that have completed on the anatomy and have a great history. There is a lot of knowledge that medical students have to absorb in a very short time there is a bundle of concepts that medical students have to clear but there is problem that the lot of history that they have to study by themselves because the lectures or classes have a specific amount of time but the concepts, history and knowledge is very large in amount that cannot be covered in specific amount of time lectures in this condition you have study yourself this subject is mainly based upon the self-study but there is a lot of classes in the medical field that we have to take but how to manage our time? Moreover, the anatomy is considered as the difficult subject because the student has to cover the long course because of the shortage of time medical student get worried about the time management.

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