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Sophia, an online education as well as learning platform intended for the purpose of helping undergraduate students learn varieties of courses in a comfortable manner, is mainly a subsidiary and currently provides access to a number of different college-level courses and already served in 200 plus countries. Sophia Learning delivers a wide range of popular courses, including Religions, Introduction to Business, and Business Communication. With over 40+ partnerships with institutes, schools, colleges, as well as universities, Sophia Learning has become one of the most trusted platform for your online education needs. It is time to experience a comprehensive learning system with Sophia classes through the support of online experts and unlock your academic potential.

If you are enrolled in one of the partner institutions, then you can have the chance to take Sophia classes as well as transfer credits to your college. You don't need to feel worried if your college is not listed among the partner institutions, as you can always use the "Find Your School" option on the website to determine your eligibility. Through the help of our online Sophia Experts you can easily explore a wide range of courses offered to you by Sophia and take one step ahead in your life for the purpose of enhancing your education.

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All the experts are educated as well as knowledgeable degree holders from the reputed universities around the world. One can easily learn from those highly qualified as well as talented individuals at an affordable prices without any worries.

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The professionals are always ready to deliver you the greatest help and promising advice. With all of your concerns and inquiries will be promptly resolved at the time of study, you can take our help whenever you need it.

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Multiple Courses Offered by Sophia Will be covered through Our Online Sophia Class Help!!

Here is the Detailed Overview of the Sophia Courses Offered to You for which you can get help by our experts online at the comfort of your house:


Under humanities, the following are the six courses offered:

  • Ancient Greek Philosophers (3 credits)
  • Approaches to Studying Religions (3 credits)

Computer Science and IT

IT and Computer science are two of the most famous courses among the students to enrol in. In case you also want to learn IT or computer science knowledge, then you need to enrol in any of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Java Programming – 3 credits
  • Introduction to Programming with Python (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Information Technology – 3 credits
  • Introduction to web development – 3 credits
  • Introduction to relational database – 3 credits


  • Spanish I (3 credits)
  • Spanish II – 3 credits


Following are the main courses available at the Sophia Classes:

  • Environmental science – 3 credits
  • Human biology – 1 credit
  • Human biology lab – 3 credits
  • Introduction to chemistry lab – 1 credit
  • Introduction to chemistry – 3 credits
  • Introduction to nutrition – 3 credits

English and communications

Sophia Classes offers the six courses listed below for English:

  • English composition I – 3 credits
  • English composition I – 3 credits
  • Visual communication – 3 credits
  • Public speaking – 3 credits
  • Foundations of English communication – 3 credits
  • Workplace communication – 3 credits


  • Calculus I – 4 credits
  • Pre-calculus- 3 credits
  • Foundation of statistics – 2 credits
  • College algebra – 3 credits
  • Introduction to college mathematics – 3 credits
  • Introduction to statistics – 3 credits

Career success

  • Introduction to career readiness: 1 credit
  • Conflict resolution: 3 credits
  • Workplace writing-2: 3 credits
  • Workplace writing-1: 1 credit
  • IT career exploration: 1 credit

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