Chemistry is the science subject which is not the optional subject for the science students and also medical students. Science students can skip biology and select the mathematics but can never skip the subject of chemistry it is a mandatory subject that cannot be avoided. Chemistry is the subject in which we study about the matter its existence and it states like solid, liquid, and gas. We study the different substances, the chemical composition of different chemical substances, the properties of different chemical substances, mixtures of different chemical substances and isolation of different chemical substances. The world is made of different proportion combinations of chemical substances either they are mountains, water, chemicals, medicines, shoe polishes even the soda water also the result of a different combination of substances and liquids and every substance has the specific amount and procedure to be prepared under specific conditions.

Chemistry is everywhere and in every field. But when we talking about the chemistry as the subject then chemistry is the major and main subject having different another subject like organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, thermochemistry, general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and Intermediate Analytical Chemistry much more there is the long list of chemistry subjects that chemistry students has to study. There are a great research and experimental work that chemistry students have to complete. Chemistry students not only study the theory but also has to remember the thousands of chemical equations with elements of the periodic table with atomic masses and atomic numbers of the periodic table elements. It is not easy for the chemistry student to manage a lot of things in their life but they have to do it.

There is the lot of time that is spent in the lab, doing experiments and research and most important the heavy theories and hypothesis and results and all the scientists and chemist with the history. Chemistry students require a lot of time for the study, experiments, and reading. As we know that chemistry students are so busiest students of the world they have very less amount of time to do everything in their study life. Chemistry classes are not the classes are one and half hour classes sometime the professors of the chemistry takes extra time in order to cover the topic of outline and in order to cover their course in this they have very less amount of time to do other things that are also very important how to adjust time for classes now it is very stressful thing for the chemistry students that taking class with doing experimental and research work also.

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