Ways To Make A Dissertation Look Presentable

A dissertation is a document that is mainly a research paper that summarizes the entire research conducted by the student or an individual (as part of work) and is presented in the form of an academically sound research paper. There are different ways a dissertation can be written, and it is also known as a thesis paper. The cover page is one of the most primary requirements of this document that displays the student’s name and the rest of the classroom details (roll number, class, subject, etc.). The title or main topic of the dissertation is often bolded and written in a bigger font than the rest of the document. This topic should be precise and correctly spelled, with every word being of a decent font that highlights the research topic well.

This is followed by other documents, including an index, table of contents, declaration of originality, class certificate, etc. These documents are usually placed before the document’s leading content and are mainly for the reference of the teachers or professors who are correcting them. The declaration certificate is primarily for the fact that the work is original to the student and does not belong to anyone else. In other words, it is used to declare that the paper is the sole property of the student submitting the document and it is in no way plagiarised.

The table of contents can present the list of the major and minor topics throughout the entire document sequentially. After these sections are prepared, the summary page or the abstract is the need of the paper. This section summarises research as the whole topic, methodology, and findings and adds conclusions that support or reject the hypothesis made for the research. The word count could depend on the paper’s requirements and may depend on the teacher. This follows the main introduction of the paper that provides a detailed insight into the overall topic discussion. Under this section, the hypothesis and aim of the research are also stated. The student needs to discuss the hypothesis with their teachers and declare and justify the research topic in the paper.

This is followed by the methodology section that details the different methods to support the hypothesis and how the results will be obtained. Once the details of the methods are mentioned, the results are finally added to the next section of the paper. The results are supposed to be presented with adequate graphs and pictures to support their explanation of the results. It is always important to use evidence throughout the paper to prove the authenticity of the results, and it also makes the paper look presentable. Students can analyze the results and explain the obtained observations within the findings section. They can also create a separate section for results analysis before making the conclusions in the conclusion section. The entire paper should end with a bibliography that states all the resources used for accomplishing the entire research.

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