Online Learning Platforms

With the many benefits that online learning provides to students worldwide, many online learning platforms have been established that are accessible over the internet to help students with their education. These online platforms are web space or educational portals that consist of educational resources accessible around the clock. SMEs and tutors are available in such portals, providing lectures and even assignment help to students. These portals will also have specific profiles for every user, helping them keep track of their progress throughout their learning process. Some of the common benefits that these educational portals have to include the flexibility timings wherein a student can learn or access lectures or educational content at any time of the day and the advantage of learning from the comfort of their houses.

These portals provide self-paced learning to students, and there is no hurry to learn a methodology or a theory of a subject within an hour or week. They can even ask doubts and questions in the discussion forums of students, SMEs and teachers for the best solution to their queries. This facility is available for free on many platforms as a complementary facility for enrolling in any learning course. Apart from this, educational portals have students and teachers at a global level. This means that the level of exposure of students is at a worldwide level. This is unlikely at a school or college set-up where the communication may adhere to only students of the same institute. This eventually may provide better communication and social skills allowing students to blend with other students from another cultural community. These online educational portals help improve critical thinking and technical skills along with the general expertise attainment of the course or subject the student may enrol in. 

Because of these several benefits, the global e-learning market has been increasing over the years. More and more students are opting to acquire the help of these online educational portals. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching has gained popularity, and it was the safest form of continuing education. During these times, the educational portals were able to provide immense support to the students globally, mainly to help them continue their learning. They have also offered help with assignments and online examinations for different subjects and even for an entire course. Apart from the students, teachers were also able to continue with their teaching process and reach out to students to help them with their learning. Several online portals are engaged in completing assignments for students to help them finish them well before the deadline, ensuring a good grade. Although these services are usually not free, they provide a sense of trust in these portals to help them clear their course-related requirements while they may not manage time to do so. The only constraint would be the need for a membership to access these portals or their resources. A student might have to register for a course to access the course materials, assignments, notes and even attempt the exam. Nevertheless, these online portals are framing the future of students worldwide.

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