How to Improve English Writing Skills?

English has considered one of the most popular languages spoken worldwide. It is one of the most common languages for communication and writing. In several countries, this particular language has become an official language to overcome the communication barrier among people speaking different dialects. Even in schools and colleges, English is the most preferred language to deliver lessons considering the diversity of students within the classroom. However, as for some students, English is not the primary language. They often struggle writing their assignments or project works. However, by following a few common and useful tips, my writing skills in English could be improved. Following are some of the common tips that students are using to achieve this goal:

Developing the habit of reading:

Many love reading books but it is not necessary that it would be in English. Most people still prefer to read in their native languages. However, suppose a student has to develop a strong command of the English language. It should be vital to read as many English books as possible, novels, newspapers, articles, essays, etc. By extensive reading, one can understand how the language is comprehended in such write-ups. Additionally, while reading, a student should also analyze whether they can understand whatever is being read.

English Dictionary:

As the reading habit is developed and newer words are introduced while reading, keeping an English dictionary to find the meaning of the new words learned can help in increasing the vocabulary. It is always a good practice to keep a diary alongside to jot down any new words learned to refer to it whenever it is needed.

The practice of Writing:

Once newer words are listed, a student can practice structuring sentences that contain these words. One single main word can be used in several sentences. For instance, the word ‘propaganda’ can be used in ten different sentences in ten different ways but in the same language. This helps us learn the syntax of sentence making, which can help prepare comprehensive paragraphs eventually.

Quality Check:

Always keep the practice of checking your work and try to find the positives and negatives in bullet format. Once the tips are followed, it is often advisable to check through what is written. Spelling mistakes could be common, and several words in English have similar spelling, but the meanings would be completely different from each other.

English grammar books are available in both online and offline formats. Such a book can always be helpful incorrect structuring of sentences by learning about the basics of English grammar. Wren and Martin’s English Grammar book is one of the most popular bibles for many students for improving English writing skills, especially when the English language is not the first language. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to keep practicing writing in English from sentences to paragraphs until the skills are mastered.

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