How Is Online Teaching Shaping The Future of Education?

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached every nook and corner of the world, several industries were affected due to the complete lockdown. The educational institutes, teachers, and students were also significantly affected, considering they stay at home to avoid being caught by the effects of the virus. The schools, colleges, and even the major universities closed down for an extended period, affecting every student and teacher’s learning and teaching process. With the advent of the internet and advancement in technology, the idea of online teaching boosted more than before. With online teaching, the learning process could be continued without being physically present in a learning center. This rendered safety against the spread of the virus.

The students and teachers worldwide started opting for online classes through virtual platforms to continue their courses. Several online tutoring platforms are being created to help set up online courses between peers, students, and tutors. Several online platforms supported the examinations for institutes without having students lose their year of education due to the pandemic. Online classes have helped students attend the classes in their place and at their comfort. There is also a drastic reduction in tuition costs. When e-books are easily available provided by teachers during the online classes, one need not go out of their homes to search for a physical book. The cost of attending a college online is at lower cost than attending a physical college. Since students reduce their time traveling and even the teachers when learning from home, they have ample opportunities to spend time with family or engage in recreational activities.

The idea of personalized learning has grown over the period. There are top-level online learning platforms supporting students across the globe to get the right amount of education they need. These online platforms also help students connect with subject experts along with study materials. Personalized learning is being achieved through online learning, and this has helped fill the gap between students and teachers. One-on-one mentorship can help students learn complicated concepts easily and at their own pace with expert help without traveling anywhere. An internet connection and laptop or mobile phone are all that a student would need to achieve great learning. The online tutors are available online across the globe, and students can choose their online tutors as well. They can choose their subject of learning to opt for personalized education. Hence, online teaching is a new global trend that reduces potential health risks during this pandemic and even helps students reduce their expenses for physically attending learning centers. Above all, the geographical constraints are overcome as online classes can be taken from anywhere, and the teachers could also be in a whole different country. Thus, online teaching is becoming popular among students, especially those born during the 2000s and beyond.

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